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Okay, so I've not updated anything in ages because I'm a lazy butt.

So everyone is aware, the lack of updates have been because of moving and switching jobs and all that. I've not yet found my routine and so I've not had the time+desire combination to actually sit down and do arty things. (Hopefully I get around to that sometime.)

As for pony things, my interest in them has pretty much dried up now, don't expect anything MLP related any more.
That's just the way things go sometimes, but after 4 years or so it was going to happen.

(Expect more cheetah! And maybe furry-ish stuff...)

PenniesPonyPlushies is doing a plushie giveaway! So I'm entering it!


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1. You must post these rules
2. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag
3. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
4. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
5. No tag backs
6. You can't say that you don't do tags
7. You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

1. What is your name?
    > mattyhex/matty/matt/Noughty
2. What is your Quest
    > To have fun, or something.
3. Who are your OCs? Do they know how much you love them?
    > I dunno how much I have OCs... I have a ponysona kinda thing and my Zeros, but I do like them!
4. Talking online or talking in person?
    > Probably talking in person, and I have this weird thing about not being able to vocally talk to people online.
5. Coffee or Beer?
    > Beer.
6. Name a show you really wanna watch but can never find time to, and why you cant D:
    > ALL THOSE OLD CARTOONS FROM MY CHILDHOOD, because I dun have copies and because work...
7. What was the last thing you bought?
    > Hula Hoops.
8. If something happened to you who would you tell first?
    > Depends on what happened...
9. Favourite type of Ice cream
    > Probably... mint chocolate chip.
10.Best joke you can think of!
    > Doing actual programming in C.

Das questions:
  1. Your favourite drink?
  2. Rainbow socks?
  3. What was your derp moment today?
  4. Do you wear anything unsual? (What is it?)
  5. I can has hug?
  6. Snow?
  7. Why do these things appear?
  8. Do you believe the Internet Of Things will ever actually happen?
  9. Which of the Cornetto Trilogy is the best?
  10. Want a cookie?
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Whoever that was, it isn't happening.

In other news, I'm not feeling very artsy right now, hence the lack of stuff.

Also, I have a coconut to consume, nom nom!
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I'm actually starting to understand them!

It'll make life soooo much easier when making complex vectors. (One of which I'm currently working on, so that's why I'm playing with them... >.>)

Might take a while to actually get this finished though.
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...since I actually did anything!

I'm working on some things, but work has thrown me out of sync with my art-ness.

It might be a little while until I produce anything, or it might not. Hopefully work will settle once again so I can get back on track with stuff.
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But I have no idea what to write about...

Umm... questions or something?
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I'm a bit late to the post, but hey, it's an update at least.

2013's Quick Overview:

  • It started with me doing a work experience placement, because I was unemployed and the job centre had my apply for such a position (sort of low-note)
  • Towards the end of my 8 week placement, I was contacted for a position with another company, which I accepted (higher note)
  • During my time there, I was also going through steps to get my current job. Just before my work contract finished I got confirmation of my new-new job, and had about a month to get prepared and move (high note)
  • Since moving I've had lots of fun running around to meets, and just generally relaxing/being in my own place - how I love my independence! (Very high note)

So, 2013 was a good year for me. Lots of hard work, but plenty of pay-off that came with it.

It's looking like 2014 will continue along the same level, and I'll try to post art where I can.

There's a lot to look forward to!

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But I won't have a proper iinternet connection for a few days, so for those concerned, I probably won't be on Skype until it's all sorted out.
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Since it's been over six months since I last said anything in my journal...

I've got a new job!

It's in Cheltenham, UK.

So I'm moving.

Yeah... that sums it up for now.

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It's in Newcastle, as a web developer, in a firm that looks pretty good.

Although the salary is less then I was hoping for. :c

So no moving out just yet (unless I find someone/somewhere to get a flat share dealie going.)

Overall a bit of a mixed bag, but compromises are necessary.
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Sadly I missed the 12/12/12 12:12 because of work, but who cares!

In other news I might only get Christmas and New Year off of work this year.
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Not that many people will pay attention, but I'm now back in work (for up to 12 weeks) dong work experience.

It's pretty much exactly the work I was looking to do, web development stuffs, and in a location that is pretty much where I was looking to go.

Not sure how much impact this'll have on my art production (not that I have a stable track record anyway...) but expect less art I guess?
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I probably shouldn't use dA to write about something like this, but ehh...

Since my contract finishes up at the end of September, and I should have been properly looking for ages by now, I'll make a post about it.

How can you help?

Are you:
In the UK? (Bonus for the North-East England)
Know of/work at a small company who are looking to hire a junior style position?
Is this job web design/PHP programmer/similar?

Then you may be able to help!

Drop me a line pointing to them/yourselves so I can send something in!

What are my experiences?

  • Solid HTML/XML, CSS
  • Good PHP, JS, Lua, SQL
  • Reasonable Java
  • I use Linux as my personal OS, so good experience there
  • I also have my website, link!
  • One year's experience working in web-design, which I won an award for

Any help is much appreciated!
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I feel like there needs to be two of me to keep up, oh well, hopefully the load at work will ease off shortly - although I'm semi doubting that.

In other news

I've gained two awesome books (with a third on the way), 'Level Up: The Guide to Great Video Game Design', 'Action! Cartooning' and 'Fantasy! Cartooning'. So far I've not really spent much time with them, but hopefully I'll learn something with them.

Also, in other news

I've started a complete overhaul of my game 'GlyphAttack', so far it's going well, I should have more of it implemented soonish - and be ready to share it to people.

It's only related to ponies because it uses my Celestia Medium Redux font (which is how I actually got the idea in the first place), I might submit it to that PON-E3 thing if I feel like it.

Anyways... I should probably be doing stuff.

Animations List:

The wait list for animations:
  1. Tria04
  2. xxJeffHardyLoverxx
  4. BoundPrincess
  5. milkywut
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Animated vectors!
...No, not just apng's like I've been doing for ages now. But actual vector files with a bit of JavaScript in them to make things happen!

I've already done it with one of my recent animations: here, just to test it out.

It's pretty cool!


Just spent a while and produced this:
JavaScript file.

The way to include use it is like this:
  • On all the layers you want to animate add a time + 'ms' to the end of the layer name within brackets - like this: "Frame 1 (60ms), Frame 2 (80ms), Frame 3 (50ms), etc..."
  • Open your vector file in a text editor (Notepad for most people) (Also, yes you can do that)
  • Find the line '</svg>'
  • Just before it, add the following line:

    <script type="application/ecmascript" xlink:href=""/>
  • Save your vector
  • You're all set! Open your vector in a browser and see the magic.

My Sad Rarity Loop, is now an example of what I mean, go have a looook!

Animations List:

The wait list for animations:
  1. Tria04
  2. xxJeffHardyLoverxx
  4. BoundPrincess
  5. milkywut
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I'm sure people have noticed the couple of teary-eyed loops I've made, well a few minutes ago I had the thought of starting a little mini-project to do one for each of the main ponies.

I've done Twi and Dash, got frames for Rarity and I know of a reasonable episode to get some for Fluttershy.

However I need suggestions for Pinkie and AJ; I can't think of an episode where AJ gets teary-eyed (there is a point in time during The Last Roundup where it nearly happens, so I could try to make some up), and Pinkie seems to just straight up cry.

I'm open for suggestions for those two!

Animations List:

The wait list for animations:
  1. Tria04
  2. xxJeffHardyLoverxx
  4. BoundPrincess
  5. milkywut
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I've had a quick look at things, and my best guess is that I started properly watching ponies on the 9th of April (2011).

That means in exactly one week's time I'll have been watching for one year.

Anyone want to tell me what happened to that time? I know I've done a lot, and a fair amount of stuff has happened, but that's just gone by too quickly...

I haven't got anything planned (mainly since I've just realised) but I might have to try to knock something up this week before I head home for Easter.


Animations List:

The wait list for animations:
  1. Tria04
  2. xxJeffHardyLoverxx
  4. BoundPrincess
  5. milkywut
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Back home for the weekend (read: away from my good/art computer), meant to bring some in progress stuff down to work on, got the memory stick set up and in a bag I was going to bring with me.

Forgot to pick up the bag, despite the fact my backpack was sitting right next to it. Derp.

Nevermind, I'll just have to find more time after work next week to do stuff.

Animations List:

The wait list for animations:

  1. =Tria04

  2. *narakugirlfriend

  3. ~puffinrailsociety

  4. =NyaFaithNya

  5. *BoundPrincess

  6. ~AppleBottoms525

Or to put it more plainly, I've reached 19.

Looking back over the year, what's happened over the last 31557600 (ish) seconds?
  • I finished school completely.
  • I got more or less what I deserved on my A-Levels.
  • I got a job placement for a year (of which 5 months have now passed).
  • I've moved out.
  • I've learnt a bunch of web technologies (with a bunch of other software dev stuff).
  • I've given a successful demo of software (EVENTUALLY).
  • I got into ponies.
  • I've drawn more then ever.
  • My artistic abilities have improved hugely.
  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Sleep
  • Food
  • Reading
  • ...getting off-topic much?


Feeling any older?
Nope, still feel like I'm 16 or so.

If you told me where I am now one year ago?
Possibly mortified I got into liking My Little Pony, mystified (and slightly horrified) I'm now in Glasgow, annoyed (but not really displeased) that I got the grades I did (I've still beaten my immediate family), and surprised that I've managed to achieve and learn so much so quickly (in many areas of interest).

Right now I'm working on the largest picture I've ever undertaken, hopefully it won't swamp me because I'm breaking everything down, and I should be good to produce to a high quality because I can use new skills to show how everything should look (mainly I'm thinking Blender to check shading). So look forward to that.

Animations List:

The wait list for animations:

  1. =Tria04

  2. *narakugirlfriend

  3. ~puffinrailsociety

  4. =NyaFaithNya

  5. *BoundPrincess

  6. ~AppleBottoms525

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